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The Artist

Ron Mathis started out with formal training as a design drafter, then obtained a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. While working as a civil/structural engineer, he eventually pursued drawing as well, mostly as a hobby. With a background in drafting, it seemed only natural to choose a medium such as pen and ink. However, drafting is not really art, so Ron draws everything freehand, without the use of straightedges, compasses, or other drafting devices.

The Early and Later Years

Ron entered this world in North Wildwood, New Jersey, part of the barrier island making up the Wildwoods and Lower Township. He grew up (sort of) in Wildwood Crest and developed a love for the seashore at an early age. While pursuing his career in structural engineering, he lived at various times in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, South Carolina, Florida, and Maryland. He currently resides in North Wildwood, New Jersey, with his wife, Jackie. It took about 35 years to get back to his roots. They say you can't go home again. Well, maybe that's true in the sense that someone else now lives in his original home, but for all practical purposes, that's nothing more than a saying that someone thought up.

A True Native

Although his family lived in Wildwood Crest, Ron was actually born at Margaret Mace Hospital in North Wildwood. It looked more like a big house than a hospital, probably because it was a house being used as a hospital, founded by Dr. Margaret Mace. Technically, Ron is more of a native now than he's ever been.

By the Way...

Ron has a degree in civil engineering from Drexel University and is a U.S. Navy Vietnam veteran. In addition to his in-country service on YFU's and LCU's, he served aboard the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk (CVA-63) and the U.S.S. Pawcatuck (AO-108). For what it's worth, he has crossed both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans by ship, and crossed the Pacific five times in thirteen months, twice by ship and three times by plane.


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