Pen and Ink

Ron creates most of his artwork in pen and ink, and prefers drawing on Bristol board with various surface textures. To achieve variations in tone, he uses both line shading and stippling, the latter also known as pointillism.

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The Artillery

Ron started out using crow quill dip pens, then switched to technical pens. He now uses a variety of pens, since so many new types have entered the market. Most of his work is done with a point size ranging from 0.35mm down to 0.13mm. He sometimes use brushes to achieve certain effects, although he still creates his drawings mainly with pen.

The Ammunition

He always use black, waterproof ink for his originals. The prints are always made on archival, acid-free paper, with archival ink or dye. Not much more to say here.

The Targets

As if you didn't know, much of Ron's work centers around nautical themes, including lighthouses. He also enjoys drawing realistic nostalgic scenes, and sometimes dabbles in portraits, both in pencil, and in pen and ink.

The Battle Plan

Good pen and ink art takes a considerable of time, and sometimes challenges Ron's patience. Some artists spend a lot more time on their pen work, and others much less. It all depends on the degree of detail, the sizes of pen points used, and the amount of pointillism utilized. Line shading goes much faster, but sacrifices some nuances. Ron's earliest work featured mostly line shading, which is almost non-existent in his later work.


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