White Boat Blues

Well, the boating season is pretty much upon us, and we don’t have the boat ready yet.  I took out the old starter on the port engine, but haven’t gotten around to installing the new one yet.  We’re way behind schedule, but once we get the bottom painted, the new starter installed, and the steering fixed, we’ll have ‘er plopped in the water and do the rest of the stuff later. 

We intended to do a lot of work on the boat over the winter, but just never seemed to get around to it.  Can’t blame it on the weather, can we?

Sometimes I long for my old 8-foot pram, 20 feet shorter than our present boat.  Maybe sometime I’ll tell about the time, back in the 60’s, that I took my pram, powered by a 3-horse Evinrude, out in the ocean and around the bell buoy, with two of my nutty  friends. Maybe…

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