Worthwhile Drivel

It’s no wonder the Republicans have such a hard time overcoming the mainstream media. I mean, is it pure coincidence that CBS comes out with the show, “Madame Secretary?” Add that to the list of shows I’ll never watch, along with any phony awards show, any “Survivor” show, any “Bachelor” show, any singing contest, anything with Ellen Degenerate, or any other queer show, and you get the idea.

I don’t know what “Battle Creek” is about, but I’m thinking maybe a cereal serial? Why Battle Creek? If they’re looking for frosted flakes they need go no further than Hollywood, with a few always in the Hollywood Bowl.

So Tiger Woods hopes to play in the Masters this year. That’s nice. It used to be the main reason some people showed up, mostly before he changed his swing four times. There’s an old saying that goes, “You have to dance with who brang ya’.” Apparently, he never heard that. He reminds me of the guy from California I just read about, who bought a million-dollar lotto ticket, but misplaced it. Yes, it expired, and they identified him by reviewing the video of him buying it, but the rules say the actual ticket must be presented. The money went to California schools. What a waste! Has Tiger’s ticket also expired? Hard to say for certain, but it’s just not that exciting watching a frustrated, aging golfer who might resign on any given hole.

He seems to have company in Phil Mickelson, also struggling with health issues. Meantime, Vijay Singh, at 52 years of age, hovers near the top most of the time, even if he doesn’t win all the marbles. Still pretty impressive.

For anyone believing in evolution, it seems that Chip Kelly is attempting to change Eagles into Ducks. Maybe not completely, but I’ve noticed a few webbed feet here and there.

Has Joe Pa’s statue been returned to its rightful location? Nope. That should be done immediately. The Creamery still sells Peachy Paterno ice cream, as far as I know.

Ever heard of the elephant in the room? You know, the thing that certain people try to ignore, hoping it won’t be noticed? That’s how it is with nobody asking Obama what he’s hiding by keeping his personal records sealed. He’s paying large amounts to attorneys, and I think we have the right to know. If he were flipping burgers at a fast-food joint, who would care, but president of the U.S? If there’s nothing to hide, why would the records be protected from the public?

When Mr. Peanut was president, he made a lot of mistakes, but at least he comported himself as a president should, that is, until he was out of office. Obama, however, doesn’t even pretend to act presidential. He gives speeches, usually to his fan club, spewing sarcastic rhetoric like a wise-ass teenager. This is pretty much what one can expect from someone with extensive experience as a community organizer, in the manner of Saul Alinsky. If the Hilldebeest manages to get elected, we can expect more of the same, considering that she wrote a college thesis about his community organizing. She met with him several times, and corresponded with him.

Bubba was also a wise guy, but on reflection, even he seemed more presidential than Obama. In my opinion, neither should have ever been president, what with their past ties to communism, but that’s not how our system works. Actually, our system isn’t really working the way it was designed, and it never will unless many critical parts are replaced, starting from the top all the way to the bottom.

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