Mayday in South Jersey and Maryland

Mayday! Wow, May 1 already! Yep, it was in the 50s today, one of the hottest days on record. Let’s see if global warming is kicking in. The hottest recorded temperature on this day for the island was 79 degrees, in 1974. Oh, and the lowest was 35 degrees, set in 2000. Definitely a warming trend! Oh, wait, no, I guess it’s just good ole man-made climate change. Let me stop breathing for a short time – maybe that will help. Well, it would help if carbon dioxide (not carbon) actually caused warming, but it has been proven not to. However, 97 percent of politicians say it does anyway.

It would be nice for me to just write about the upcoming summer season here on the island, but Baltimore occupies my thoughts. I used to live in Cockeysville, a suburb, for what it’s worth.

Anyway, once again, we see things backwards from what they should be. Six police officers have been arrested for allegedly killing a guy with an 18-count rap sheet. I keep hearing that he died while in police custody, but I also hear he died a week later in the hospital. Which is, it, huh?

The police in America are under attack, mostly thanks to the Holy Trio, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Al Sharpton. Instead of helping assuage the situation, their rhetoric and actions actually fan the flames of discontent, giving blacks even more reason to riot, loot, and burn. The mayor, black of course, said she had to give those who wish to destroy room to do so. The next day she denied saying that, but it was there on video, quite clearly.

I harbor the same questions here that I had about Ferguson. First, how is it justified to loot and burn places of business whose owners had nothing to do with the arrest of Freddie Gray? Or, even if they had been involved in his arrest, how does that quantify burning down their businesses and stealing their livelihood? This was done blatantly, on camera, and some even took selfies! Some were actually arrested, but because of technicalities, the police had to let them go. Or maybe that’s what the prosecutor said.

She happens to be a young black lady (just like the mayor), but she’s married to a city official. The blacks in the streets all chant the same narrative, that the Baltimore police force routinely engages in police brutality against blacks for no apparent reason. I assume they also shoot them at random, just to adjust the sights on their weapons.

Obama never misses a chance to ramp up the anti-white and anti-Christian narrative, and he never skipped a beat this time, saying that there’s a larger problem in the country. Well, there wasn’t that much of a problem until he got in office and started weighing in on events that were really none of his business. At every prayer event, he slurs Christians, and he rarely misses that opportunity.

Now, the main black advisor to Obama, Al Sharpton, wants a national police force. I think we already have that. It’s called the military.

And now we hear directly from the horse’s ass. Yes, John Kerry, while trying to give a nuclear weapon to Iran, says he wishes the U.S. was run by someone like Iran’s Supreme Commander! How did these morons ever get these positions? Kerry proved a long time ago that he sympathized with communist regimes, but who cares? He got elected over and over until he got this job. Liberals seem to be brain dead!

The island’s starting to wake up a little, but the weather isn’t cooperating, due to the global warming, I mean, global cooling, I mean climate change. If you study the weather history, it’s not getting any warmer or cooler than it’s ever been, and the climate isn’t changing anymore than it has in the past from year-to-year. It’s time for the May flowers!

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