Dragon’s Here!

The Dragon arrived yesterday, about two days early. It showed up on our doorstep sometime after the insurance adjuster left. She said our car was a total loss because it had been flooded with saltwater. She told us how much we would get and we were comfortable with that. I had bought gap insurance when we bought the car. This company will pay the difference between what the insurance company offered and the purchase price.

The Dragon acted rather petulantly and took some time to install it. However, it appears to have been well worth it.

On to the boat, which still sits in the slip. It’s August 25 and we haven’t had the boat out even one time. I called the electronics guy yesterday and he said he would try to get everything installed before the weekend. We don’t take the boat out on weekends, but at least that’s a target date.

The Dragon types much faster than I do and makes fewer mistakes. It works as advertised. However, whenever I bump the microphone accidentally it tells me it didn’t recognize that word. It also seems to be pretty good at punctuation.

I should try this thing out on Facebook. It would allow me to make a lot more silly comments that seem to upset some people. One guy unfriended me because I wouldn’t correct a comment. I’m thinking he was probably never my friend anyway.

This was the time I used to dread when I was going to school, the end of summer! I hated seeing all of the Back-to-School ads in the newspaper. Some of my friends would be heading back to the city. The crowds on the boardwalk were no longer crowds. We spent a lot of time standing around waiting for customers for our rides.

During the time I lived in the South my daughters had to go back to school in August. However, they got out in May. I would’ve liked the May part, but not the August part. Anything before Labor Day would have been devastating to me.

Well the climate alarmists are at it again. After a brutally cold winter, they are predicting 2015 to be the hottest year on record. What records are they looking at? Some of the hottest days here occurred in the 1950s. I understand that this climate change industry is now about a $1.5 trillion industry, so it’s easy to see why some people are pushing it.

Climate change is a figment of someone’s imagination. It came about when it became obvious that global warming was not happening, although they still try to push that message. They also still call it carbon instead of carbon dioxide. Carbon sounds so much dirtier does it not? Well it is, but it’s not what power plants are spewing into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant and some real scientists question whether or not it’s even a greenhouse gas.

Let’s see, Al Gore is neither a scientist nor a climatologist, and that goes for Obama, Kerry, and other politicians who want to take your money.

Back to the Dragon. It seems to be smarter than many of the people I encounter online. It knows the difference between a possessive pronoun and a contraction. It’s amazing!

So this blog was a bit choppy and not very interesting, but allowed me to test the Dragon, and performed well! Maybe I’ll do better next time.

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