The Climate. It Ain’t A-Changin’

The highest recorded temperature for this particular date in North Wildwood New Jersey, was 95°F. This occurred in 1953. The lowest recorded temperature of 46° occurred in 1986. I lost the data for yesterday, but it was also a high temperature in the 90s during the early 1950s. On August 28 the high temperature was 95°F that occurred in 1948! Low-temperature for that date was 53° in 1986. On August 27 the high temperature was 95°F, also in 1948. On August 26 the highest temperature was 94°F in, you guessed it, 1948! Low-temperature was 57°, recorded in 1969.

For some reason, during the late 1940s and early 1950s, no one was shrilly screaming about global warming or climate change, yet the temperatures were as unpredictable as they are today. Could it be that it’s just weather and not some $1.5 trillion scam? No, I don’t think 1948 was the hottest year on record at that time, nor do I think 2014 or 2015 are anywhere near being the hottest year on record.

Personally, I thought 1969 was a pretty hot year. I’m wondering if being in Vietnam could have had something to do with it? Hey, I think that’s it!

Of course, in 1948 we didn’t have 24 hour news stations on cable, partly because we didn’t have cable. Okay, mainly because we didn’t have cable.

While I was a youth growing up, and what else would I have been except a youth while I was growing up, the news didn’t come on at 11:00 PM. No, it came on at 10:45 PM, and lasted for a total of 15 minutes, which seemed long enough.

Now, the news comes on at 11:00 PM and lasts for a half hour. The weather girl, oops! The meteorologist, often a female, but sometimes a male, for some unexplained reason, has to do at least two weather forecasts, sometimes 2 1/2. Here in South Jersey we get Philadelphia weather. No, that’s not it, we get the Philadelphia weather station. Our weather is usually quite different from Philadelphia.

Do you old-timers remember Gabby Hayes? Well, now we have Gabby weather person. She or he tells us about highs and lows, cold fronts, hot fronts, warm fronts and many other things we know very little about, pretty much everything except the weather forecast which she eventually gets around to. The latest rage, by the way, is a pop-up thunderstorm! From where do they pop up? Do they come out of the ground? A storm drain? I’ve been around the block a few times, and I’ve never seen a thunderstorm pop up, to the best of my knowledge.

Weather people who I watch are Cecily Tynan, who gives her report in cadence with her hands, An Irish lady, I suppose, Melissa Magee, okay, okay, I guess she’s not Irish, and a guy with two first names who thinks he’s married to another guy. Okay, it could be he has two last names.

We are also treated to two sports reports often. Much like the weather reports both sports reports pretty much cover the same things. One thing I don’t like about the sports telecasts is that they tell you the outcome before they even report on a game! Like, why bother watching after that?

The news is usually a compilation of number of homicides that occurred that day. The roving reporter often stands outside a police station or hospital to give his report. Why? Nothing is happening now. It already took place, there’s nothing the reporter can add by standing there. I’ve also seen them standing outside one of the sports fields when the lights are off and no fans are present. I guess it makes somebody feel important. Maybe the reporter, perhaps the camera people, or, for all I know, the driver.

Anyway, I guess we had global warming and climate change in 1948 but didn’t realize it. Not only that, we didn’t care, nor should we care now.

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