Well the shoobies are mostly gone, but like hemorrhoids, they keep coming back. Unlike hemorrhoids, they now limit themselves to weekends. I don’t know who thought up the shoulder seasons, but obviously it wasn’t someone who lives here year-round.

I remember when Labor Day was it. Everybody cleared out and the town was empty by the next day. After a hectic summer, it always seemed very peaceful when they left. There were some exceptions however. My friend Rocco and his family came down on some weekends, with all five, then six, of them packed into a dark green Buick and then a light blue Lincoln. We mostly played outside, and I have photos of Rocco wearing a heavy jacket, so it was certainly not during the summer.

However, the town was not filled with crazies attending festivals. Those were, for the most part, good times. Not everything was good, in fact many things were pretty bad in both of our families, but other kids went through some of the same things.

No, I don’t want to go back, and I don’t think most people would. That would involve reliving many unpleasant experiences. On the other hand, I remember kids were proud of their country, we all said the Pledge of Allegiance in school, and mention of God was not banned from school or the classroom. It was exciting whenever we were leading up to a holiday, whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter. Our classroom activities in elementary school usually devoted part of the time to activities related to the upcoming holiday, whichever one it happened to be.

Now it seems there’s always someone who’s offended by something, no matter how many others like whatever the gadfly happens to be offended by. For some unexplained reason, one person becomes a majority, and I’m quite certain that’s not the way it’s supposed to work. Although our country wasn’t founded as a pure democracy, I believe that when 90% of the people want something, it shouldn’t matter that 10% or fewer of the people want something else. This is how we lost school prayer, and the Bible in school, or any mention of God unless it happens to be Allah.

But here we are and the traffic lights still are not blinking, but things will change after Columbus Day weekend. Yes people object to Christopher Columbus also, as they object to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Next I suppose they’ll take George Washington off the dollar bill and the quarter, and rename Washington state and Washington DC. Yes uncle George owned slaves, but who didn’t?

Okay, I drifted off the island again. The Vegas diner closes after Columbus Day weekend. Jim’s Lumch, in Millville, opens for the winter. Different geographics.

So the Crest, in a brilliant move, installed sidewalks on New Jersey Ave. south of Rambler Road. The annual Hydro Fest, scheduled for early October, canceled now and forever because of the revisions to the street. I never attended the event but it brought a number of people into town and especially into the Crest. I’m sure the motel owners and business owners are quite impressed with government.

Wildwood of course thinks everything is just fine in that part of the island. About the only thing Wildwood has going for it are the amusement piers and Laura’s Fudge. Whenever the city repaves a street, you wonder what happened? Soon after, they dig up the street for water, sewer, or gas line and try to make the patch job even. Bump bump!

As far as local government is concerned, it seems to be a revolving door. They reelect a Mayor who was recalled, and think he’s suddenly going to do a good job. Due to spending, taxes go up, and the officials think they have to think up a scheme to generate new revenue. Now they have some other recycled people running. They didn’t do a bang up job the last time, but here they are again. If the people who own summer homes could vote locally, these politicians would be out of here. Conveniently, out-of-towners who own property here are not allowed to vote.

Anyway, the old days won’t ever be back, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t harbor some nostalgia for them.

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