What Storm?

Well, the flood here was worse than Sandy and not as bad as Sandy. For some, it was worse. For others, it was not as bad. We fell into the latter group. During Sandy we had 2 feet of water in our garage, but this time, we only received 1.5 feet. Hardly a cause for celebration, but we only lost a few things this time, so I guess that’s something. The garage is still a mess though.

I didn’t expect the storm of this magnitude coinciding with a flood tide for maybe another 50 years or so. After the March 1962 storm it took about 50 years for another storm of that magnitude to come along. In 62 strong Northeast winds came during a new moon, and persisted for several days. Sandy wasn’t quite as intense in this area, although Central Jersey got hit pretty hard.

We get out of town before the storm reached here, fearing a power failure, which came to fruition. Apparently the power was out for a considerable period of time because our security company called us and told us that the battery had run down, which only occurs after an extensive outage.

We holed up at my niece’s place, along with her husband and two young boys. The youngest talks quite loudly, starting early in the morning and ending late at night. It’s something to get used to, and not that big a deal. The nine-month-old baby, however, insists on maintaining his identity as a baby, meaning he cries a lot, especially when he wants attention. Ignoring sage advice from me, someone always is quick to pick him up when he starts bawling. That’s what he wants. That’s how he controls people, even at that ripe young age.

We slept on the sofa the first night, although not intentionally. It just happened. I woke up in the morning and realized it was morning! The second night found us sleeping on an inflatable bed, which might be comfortable except for the tendency to roll toward the middle. I suppose a more queasy person could actually get seasick!

So whatever happened to waterbeds? They used to be all the rage for some people, mostly young people. I guess I shouldn’t say weird people, even if that’s what I really meant. I suppose not everyone who slept on a waterbed was weird, but the ones I knew certainly were, at least to a degree.

Waterbeds work best when the house is built on a slab construction, especially on the first floor. The weight of all that water could seriously challenge the structural integrity of the house. Anyway, let’s just say that after four years in the Navy, with most of the time spent sleeping on boats or ships, I felt no reason to continue that experience in civilian life.

The Navy served up pretty good food, at least on ships and boats. In land-based chow halls, not so much. I guess they had too many civilians working there. Now I have my own personal chef who happens to be my wife. Her specialty is Italian food, but she covers a wider base than that. The other night she made me a stuffed pork chop which may have been the best I’ve ever had! And my mother made pretty good stuffed pork chops, but her stuffing didn’t use sage sausage. It was a new experience for me.

Well, I drifted away from the storm for a while. Safety sensors on our garage door got wiped out again, but for some reason the remote will open the door but won’t close it. Closing involves holding the switch down and exiting through the front door. A slight inconvenience. The other way is to get out of the vehicle and enter the secret code on the keypad and hold the button down until the door closes. I don’t like either method.

So the Lobster House got hit, and we frequent the coffee shop there, meaning we go there from time to time. For a number of days no one answered the phone and the message said nothing about being closed. Today someone answered the phone and told me that they expect the coffee shop to open tomorrow, January 28, and the restaurant is scheduled to be open by February 9. It would’ve been nice if they had put something on their website or put a message on the phone to let people know what’s going on. We live only about 10 miles away, but people come from all over to eat at this restaurant. I’m not sure why anybody would drive a long distance just to eat there, but I never understood the Zaberer’s experience either.

Yes, back in the day, people from faraway places made the pilgrimage to North Wildwood just to get Zaberized, whatever the heck that was. I used to see the signs fluttering behind the airplanes, telling everyone to Zaberize tonight! I never made it behind the closed doors there, but I went once to the brother’s place in Hamilton Township on the Black Horse Pike. A friend of my wife’s came to visit, and she insisted on going there, so we went. I don’t remember what I ordered. Does that mean it wasn’t memorable?

Anyway both places are long gone so no one can Zaberize a drink anymore, and that may not be a bad thing. And with that I’m out of here!

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