Revelage – I Mean, Leverage

Well, in an update, it appears that Glen Straub succeeded in stealing Revel, for about $84 million. He said it won’t be named, Revel, so I think he should just reverse it and call it leveR. Oops! I meant, Lever, sort of like Serutan. Does anybody really believe that the name Serutan just coincidentally happened to be Natures spelled backwards? But who cares that the name was Natures backwards? Did that render the stuff more effective? They targeted the same type of clueless individuals who voted for Obama.

So now it’s almost a crime to say anything about a Democrat president that the MSM doesn’t agree with. The whole purpose of the First Amendment was to guarantee that we could speak out against a government or its officials, without worrying about retribution. The purpose certainly wasn’t to guarantee Hugh Hefner and Larry Flint the right to publish their filth. That’s something taken from the communist goals, exposed back in 1958 in Cleon Skousen’s book, “The Naked Communist.”

Reading the 45 communist goals provides some insight as to why most women don’t stay home and raise families, why we’re engaged in free trade (mostly one-way) with communist countries, why our nuclear arsenal has been weakened, why we’re promoting all types of perversion, from homosexuality to same-sex marriages to various forms of body mutilation. It explains why we have no religion in schools and why the major news outlets spew progressive BS constantly and run interference like never before seen for a rogue president. It explains why Hollywood and TV has been taken over by liberals, mostly homosexuals, to force their opinions on the rest of us.

I liked the old camp TV, with the Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet, and Andy of Mayberry. Maybe a bit corny, but refreshing, and certainly not offensive. I didn’t have to hear swear words, some on the filthy side, on network TV. My parents never had to worry about what I might see or hear on TV. What a shame that adults no longer are in charge of TV content. Even many of the ads are disgusting, about erectile dysfunction, catheters, and birth control. But by God, don’t advertise tobacco or booze on TV, because then people might start buying and using the stuff! They’ll probably start advertising marijuana soon, though, at least in some states.

I’ve known a lot of people who wouldn’t touch a nasty tobacco cigarette, but have no problem sucking deeply on a joint. Grass is worse for you both physiologically and psychologically. It also smells like what I suspect burning cow dung would smell like.

I had never seen a deer on the island, that is, until today. On our drive back from Cape May, a deer was grazing in the marsh near Cold Spring Harbor. I’m guessing it walked across when the Intracoastal was frozen solid in places. It’s probably stuck here now, and will make an easy target during hunting season.

Hard to believe that Easter Sunday is slightly more than a month away! That week, the laughing gulls, egrets, and ospreys, should be back in town, doing their spring cleaning. Some ospreys like to adorn their nests with evergreens. Some like plastic bags, too. It must be quite a change to fly up here from South America, in some cases. Talk about climate change! No, don’t!

So far, February 22 was the last time we saw Christmas lights turned on at houses, and more than one, I might add, as I just did. Maybe it’s because LEDs cost pennies to keep on, or maybe the occupants are still waiting for Santa.

My wife, who’s mostly Italian, and I, who just likes Italian food, were discussing wrought iron. It’s almost a certainty that homes with wrought iron were occupied by people of Italian descent, even if the present occupants are not Italian. The standard used to be, at houses with porches, that the wooden porch would be replaced by one of brick and concrete and the railings would be replaced by wrought iron, especially with some swirls. Not all Italians considered this necessary, but a couple on our block did. The porches no longer creak, and only the house can burn down.

Of course, this discussion led me to a very old ethnic joke that goes: “How can you tell where a flamingo lives?” ANSWER: “By the wrought iron Italian on the lawn.” Well, it used to be funny. . .

More Ferry Tales

So the Cape May – Lewes Ferry is running again, after being iced in for a few days. All because a bunch of nitwits are running the show. Fifty years have gone by and they could have built a bridge long ago. Instead they wasted money on boats that poke along, and are not ADA compliant. Oh, they had a couple with elevators, One still sits there, waiting for a buyer. The other was sold for scrap, at pennies on the dollar. $34.5 million down the drain. But, but, but, what people really want is a mini sea cruise, right? Wrong! They want to get from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible.

The ferry has never turned a profit, partly because the schedules reflect the ignorance of those running the show. A one-day trip from South Carolina or Georgia means a race to get to Lewes before the last boat leaves, otherwise it’s head to the Delaware Memorial Bridge and drive back down, adding considerable time to the trip. Then they schedule “cruises” with entertainment. People don’t want cruises on a ferry, for God’s sake! They want to get themselves and their vehicle across the bay!

It’s funny that the Chesapeake Bay Bridge dumped their used ferries on Cape May. I remember much fanfare and hoopla when the ferries started running. Or was that running aground? Yes, the draft was a bit much for Delaware Bay, which is why the more shallow draft vessels were built. Nobody asked me about it, or I would have told them to have high-speed boats constructed, or to start building the bridge.

This Straub dude, who is still attempting to steal Revel Casino, is all over the map. First, he was going to fill the place with geniuses, hopefully smarter than he is, then he says there will be a casino and a giant water park. I guess he had a hard time finding smart people. If the sale goes through, he says he’ll start a high-speed ferry service between NYC and AC. Right. . . They can’t even get people to ride the train, and I can’t see a boat going faster than a train, especially out in the ocean. Maybe he’s thinking of buying the ferry they have for sale at Cape May and putting a jet engine on it. The two ferries they had built with all the trimmings were unstable during all but the calmest of seas, due to all the weight piled near the top.

He claims to be a polo fan, as well as a participant, and wants to build a polo field somewhere near Atlantic City. This guy’s about my age, so I don’t know how much polo he has in him. No word on whether or not he’s a pal of Ralph Lauren.

Moving south again, they just repaved parts of Park Boulevard in Wildwood. The other day, they were working on a sewer or water problem and now there’s a patch in the road already. Why don’t they just make them all dirt roads and call it a day? Instead of steam rollers, they can just use the shovel pounders, like they do with smaller patches.

So they’re talking about raising the gasoline tax by as much as 25 cents to pay for repairs to bridges and roads. What does New Jersey do with its money, anyway? In ’66, the 3 percent sales tax was going to solve all the problems of the state. Now it’s 7 percent, and some local areas have added even more to it, such as the Wildwoods, with the Tourism and Redevelopment tax. Yes, it’s cheaper to dine offshore, but the tax demons never figure these things out.

Well, the sales tax never quite did the trick, so the Lotto was going to take care of everything. I remember back in the early 70s, before we came off the gold standard, wondering what I would do if I won the $40,000 Lotto! That was a lot of cash, man!

I guess the Lotto fell a bit short, also, because it then became time for the income tax. This would solve the state’s woes, and wouldn’t you think maybe property taxes would come down, instead of going up? If so, you’re just not thinking right, because the late 70s found the need for, that’s right, casino gambling, but only in Atlantic City. Happy days are here again! Rah, rah, rake in the cash! Only in Atlantic City soon became Mississippi (first on barges), and several other states, and then Pennsylvania. Okay, so the PA people no longer had to drive all the way to AC, and they could smoke in their casinos. Well, people could smoke in some in AC, but only in designated sections. Revel outsmarted them all and banned smoking everywhere in the casino. And it became the biggest incredible waste of money in the history of Atlantic City!

This was privately owned, but much like the ferry boats, it cost a fortune to build and is now on the block to the highest bidder. Paltry millions for something that cost a couple billion! If Mr. Straub loses his $10 million deposit, it may be one of the best investments he ever didn’t make.

A Bit of Drivel, Possibly True

I’m convinced that the guy who invented the Bobblehead dolls got the idea by watching Al Sharpton.

I can’t even estimate the number of consecutive years I’ve missed the Academy Awards, but I know this year will add to the total. I don’t like most Hollywood elites, and acting isn’t the same as actually doing something that warrants praise. I’d watch an awards show for military personnel receiving their medals and ribbons. Actors are just pretenders, whether soldiers, doctors, or any other professional.

Stupid ads on TV should insult everyone’s intelligence. The Progresso ads, where workers talk into soup cans on strings, are particularly idiotic. They leave slack in the string! Most kids who grew up when I did tried the can and string telephone, and we knew the string had to be as taut as possible. Even then, it never worked all that well.

So they close schools because it’s supposed to snow, whether it does or not. As I’ve said, they used to wait and see. It’s getting worse, though. Some school districts closed school because it was going to be too cold! Why didn’t they do that back when I went to school? I usually walked to grade school and often rode my bike to high school. When I got my driver’s license, I rode my scooter all winter long. Yes, it involved wearing a jacket and such.

Hey, did you ever watch the ads for one of these seafood joints? They take a piece of lobster and plunge it into the drawn butter, making the butter splash up. Who does that, huh? They’d run you out of the place!

How about the one where the guy says he didn’t want to take Warfarin, so he decided to find a better way. The way he found it was by his doctor telling him about it.

Will Nutri-Systems please, please, please, retire Marie Osmond and her silly, made up stories? I see that since Dan Marino started pushing it he is no longer on Papa John’s commercials.

I live in constant fear that Fred Thompson is going to reverse my mortgage. The man is obsessed with talking people into giving away their homes. He really should get a job.

As I predicted, the GLOWARMS said we’re on track for 2015 to be the second hottest year on record. This in light of record cold blanketing the Midwest, South, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast, not to mention Europe, although I just did.

We now find out that they’ve been revising temperature data upward, to make it seem warmer than it is. Look, there is no “global temperature.” Even a satellite can only see half of the globe. Temperature data would have to be recorded at the same time in each location, without assistance from incinerators, jet runways, etc. Even then, what is the temperature of New Jersey? This would require hundreds of readings, all taken at the same time of day. Now you see the near impossibility of taking the global temperature.

The seas, by the way, are still rising at about one to one and a half millimeters per year, or about the thickness of a penny. Florida is not under water, nor is New York City. The Polar Ice Cap is growing, as it has been, and so is the Antarctic Ice Sheet.

Glaciers calve every year, usually in the spring. The Titanic ran into one in 1912. Was that a result of global warming? No, of course not. The sun is going through a cool period that real scientists say could last for about 30 years. That’s one reason it hasn’t warmed for the past 18 years.

Wal-Mart and Felafel Stands

For quite awhile I harbored the sinking feeling that our so-called POTUS knew nothing about fighting Islamic terrorists. Today, I feel much more secure.

Marie Harf, a deputy spokesman (yes, I know she’s a female) for the State Department, explained the strategy for defeating ISIS in the Middle East. She said we can kill some of them, but we can’t kill all of them, so we have to go to the root cause of their discontent. The solution? Create a Jobs Program for them. Brilliant! I find it incredible that other administrations never figured this out!

Like that year I spent in Vietnam could have been used more effectively by building K-Marts and strip malls, fast-food joints, and other businesses that require full-time workers. We could have put up bowling centers, built ball parks, tennis courts, and public swimming pools. Almost everyone would have gotten a job and would have quit fighting to take over South Vietnam. We could have run tour boat excursions on the Mekong River, the Danang River, as well as the Perfume River going to Hue City, and the Cua Viet River to Dong Ha.

But none of that ever happened, so let’s turn to the situation in the Middle East. Jobs can be created almost instantly, with Obama’s phone and pen, just as he created jobs here in the U.S. of A. Well, he meant to, at least he said, right? Didn’t he?

Anyway, here’s the plan as I see it. The first step in creating good, high-paying jobs, such as those at fast-food restaurants, is to ensure that everyone has affordable health insurance. Once they have “affordable” health insurance, they’ll be able to get the critical care required for their battlefield injuries. For example, if a soldier loses a leg, he can go to the nearest ISIS VA hospital and learn that the $12,000 deductible doesn’t quite cover a prosthetic leg, but the ISIS Affordable Care Act will provide a crutch until such time as the deductible is met.

What’s important is to put in place a number of “shovel-ready jobs,” similar to those that never materialized in the United States, only better. Some of the shovel-ready jobs coming to mind are for grave diggers for interment of the wounded ISIS members who die waiting for treatment in the ISIS VA hospitals.

Of course, one of the goals is to make it easy for people, oops! I mean, folks, to start businesses, both small and large. This will be accomplished by issuing more than 3,000 regulations, just to make sure that a felafel stand pays its fair share of taxes. A full-time employee will be one who works 30 or more hours in a week. Not to worry, though. Felafel stands employing fewer than 50 people will be exempt from providing health insurance to its employees.

The next step in the strategy is to implement strict gun-control laws. All ISIS members will be forced to undergo background checks before being permitted to carry firearms. Magazines will be limited to National Geographic and People. . . okay, I’ve just been informed that the limitations apply only to a different type of magazine. Here’s the gist of the requirement: “No magazine, clip, or bullet holder will be constructed to contain more than two (2) rounds of ammunition at any given time, no matter the caliber.” This restriction will be imposed so as to limit the destructive capabilities of those unable to obtain good, paying jobs at Wal-Mart or McDonald’s, and who are ineligible for unemployment insurance, as well as Felafel stamps.

Phase III of the plan will be to flood the area with disease-ridden illegals from Mexico and other parts of Central America. After amnesty is granted, the enemy will probably forget all about establishing a Caliphate and will flee whatever country they’re in at the time.

Herbed Goats, etc.

Richardson’s Creek (salt water) froze by Saturday. We beat the record low temperature for that day, which was 14 degrees back in 1979. The high for that date was 65 degrees, set in 1949! Yesterday it hit 5 degrees, breaking the record low of 10 in 1987. The high for the date was a sweltering (almost) 71 degrees set in 1976. It’s in double digits today, but never got above freezing. The high was 70 degrees, set in 1976, when experts said the ice age was on its way. The low was 5 degrees, set in 1979.

I saw a dog rescued from a pond. It had fallen through the ice, so a rescue team donned cold water suits and retrieved the mongrel. The reporter said the water was about 19 degrees. I’m just getting tired of people changing laws at will! Physics laws used to say that fresh water froze at 32 degrees F, making a water temperature of 19 degrees impossible at atmospheric pressure at about sea level. A few days later they covered a Polar Plunge by a bunch of what I call “good-intentioned idiots.” I think it was for a charity, but why the dip by dips? This time they reported the water temperature as 22 degrees. I don’t know. Usually, with the salinity of the ocean, the freezing point is about 28 or so degrees, so no water would be colder than that.

Hey, I have an idea! Freeze some water in a glass, but don’t fill it. Leave enough room to stick a thermometer in the glass and then wait for the ice to start melting. See if the thermometer ever reads 19 degrees and get back to me with your findings. No, wait. Don’t embarrass yourself. Don’t even tell anyone you’re doing the experiment, and just keep the findings to yourself.

Yes, we saw some leftover Christmas lights still glowing brightly in the middle of February. That’s right, we ventured out on the coldest day of the year and went to the Lobster House Coffee Shoppe. Or Shop, for we of less sophistication. The worst part was the twenty feet or so from the vehicle to the door. Once inside, if felt quite warm and cozy. They had a prime rib special for $10.95, with mashed potatoes. I like these places that keep skins on mashed potatoes, an assurance they’re the real McCoy. Or Russett, or whatever. Okay, so why not just say they’re not instant?

You know, I used to be able to detect instant mashed potatoes immediately, until I was fed so many in the Navy that it became harder to tell the difference. Or maybe they just made better instant mashed, but it was probably the former. So on the last boat I was on in Vietnam the craftmaster told the stew burner he did not like instant mashed potatoes, so Bandy, the cook, always made them from scratch, although he complained about it. He was, however, an excellent cook and the spread he put out for Christmas was as fine as I’ve ever had. I have a photo of it, it all looked so good. Yes, sometimes I’m a bit weird.

So we went to Lucky Bones the other day and got their lamb burger special. It came with herbed goat cheese, and I had never heard of herbed goats, but decided to try it anyway. I concluded that goats and lambs don’t necessarily go together that well, although it might have been different had the cheese not been from herbed goats. Plain old American or cheddar would have been fine.

Okay, so, ha-ha, my wife just informed me that the cheese, not the goat, was herbed. I said, “I KNOW THAT! Do you think I’m stupid?” Well, then they shouldn’t call it “herbed goat cheese.” Maybe goat cheese with herbs, so as to not mislead people. Not that I was misled, understand. I mean, I knew there was no such thing as an herbed goat, right? You knew that I knew that, right? Didn’t you?

A couple of weeks ago, however, they had their specials on the board and one of them came with green bean. I couldn’t imagine the size of this bean, so I asked about it. Turns out it was green beans! Is it me? I didn’t think so. I think it has to be them.

Pants on Fire?

Someone asked me what the Middle East exports besides oil and terrorism? I said, “Rugs and drugs.”

I’m not about to come down from my high horse, because I think the atrocities by the Islamic terrorists go beyond the pale. Muslims seem to be not so good at fighting wars, but definitely know how to slaughter unarmed innocents. Meanwhile, Obama talks at the National Prayer Breakfast, with 98% Christians attending, and insults Christians. Was this to satisfy the Dalai Lama, or the members of the Muslim Brotherhood he invited?

So he thinks Islamic terrorism is A-okay but condemns a police officer who shot a black guy who intended to kill him. But he was unarmed! I have seen several cases where a guy was hit with one punch and ended up dead. In one case, he hit his head on the sidewalk.

During his trip to India, he once again denigrated the U.S, and talked about the woes he faced as a minority in this country. The Indians seemed puzzled. Isn’t this poor soul the president of the U.S. of A? Definitely underprivileged.

On the local level, there’s much wailing and gnashing of teeth by Wildwood officials. Seems that a company that was supposed to generate revenue from the beach failed in their efforts. No beach bars, no cabanas, no RV park, no surfboard rentals. Nothing! You’d think they could have at least stuck some pay-for-pee porta-potties in strategic locations. A little silly when you have the entire
Atlantic Ocean, but not everybody likes to swim.

It will probably be some time before I ever go back to the Oyster Creek Inn in Leeds Point. My wife and I decided to go on Saturday. She was a bit down, so I asked if she wanted to go. We got there sometime around five o’clock, and some cars were already leaving. Strangely, very few cars sat in front of the place. Then we saw it. Yes, a crudely-made hand-written sign that said, “Closed for a Private Party.” What??? We drove over forty miles to get there, way down a dead-end road in the marshes, and it’s closed on a Saturday night? We considered this very disrespectful to patrons and had never seen it at any other restaurant. We went to Fred and Ethel’s Lantern Light Tavern and had a good time and good food.

Back when my younger brother, Wayne, was younger (actually, he’s always been younger), he used to watch the Sally Starr Show each afternoon. One cartoon, The Adventures of Clutch Cargo, had characters with mouths that moved, but the jaws remained stationary. There were no lips. If the cartoon had been created presently, I would believe John Kerry provided the model for the mouths.

Brian Williams should be toast, but liberals seem to worship liars, and the bigger the stories, the better. Hillary first said she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. Oops! Hillary was born in 1947 and Edmund climbed Mount Everest in 1953. Later, while SOS, she said she had to duck and run across the tarmac to avoid sniper fire. Double oops! They showed small children greeting her. She said she “misspoke,” whatever that means. Anyway, she’s still the darling of the Left.

Then there’s the dishonorable Richard Blumenthal, of Connecticut. On quite a few occasions he told audiences that he was treated badly when he returned from Vietnam. Okay, so he never went there, but is that really important? I mean, he said he “misspoke.” Well, the liberals elected him to the Senate, twice, so I guess they admired his bravery and valor during his non-service in Vietnam.


People flock to Cape May during the Christmas holidays, including New Year’s. After that comes remodeling, at least to some businesses.

Tisha’s, a fine food restaurant closed their doors temporarily to remodel. The Pilot House, under new owners since last June, takes that another step. The owners, who also own the Peter Shields Inn, are having the entire restaurant redone, inside and out. The out hasn’t started yet. The old Pilot House got some bad reviews, some deservedly so. An insider told me the kitchen wasn’t all that clean. Sometime in the spring, it will reopen as Fins Bar and Grille. Prior reviews will no longer apply.

Earlier, Lucky Bones Backwater Grille did some renovating also and was closed for a week or more. New windows, the bar redone, and some work on the floor. Too bad they did nothing about the step-down between the bar and restaurant, where servers probably tire of saying, “Watch your step!”

Surprisingly, a number of homeowners tried hanging on to Christmas as long as possible. No, I don’t mean January 6 or 8, but January 30! I know the feeling, especially this past year. Many places went all out in their decorations, and it created a feel-good atmosphere. Christmas lights were everywhere!

The Cape May Ferry group still thinks they’re running cruise ships from Cape May to Lewes. A champagne cruise is scheduled for February 13 through 16. Yes, it’s the Ferry Love Package! It’s a shame they have never been interested in transporting vehicles for convenience.

The contraction for could have is could’ve. It’s not “could of.” The same goes for “should of,” and “would of.” Just because the “F” in “of” sounds like a “V” doesn’t make it one! “Of” does not replace “have,” which is why the book was not titled, “Have Mice and Men,” which makes little sense.

The casino battles rage on in Atlantic City, with the union for workers at the Taj Mahal going to a judge who ruled the company must pay into pensions and health insurance. Carl Icahn, the icon of Trump Entertainment Group, says if that’s the case he’ll shut the place down. Casino workers thought they had it made in the shade when times were great, but with increased competition, they’d rather lose their jobs than give in slightly.

Reminds me of the oil rig situation. Workers flocked to drilling areas for the high wages they were paying. Now the drillers say they’re going to have to lay off about a 100,000 workers, give or take a few. All of this because the price of oil dropped drastically. Good for us, bad for them! Gasoline used to sell for a lot less than it does even now, as Barry Manilow would say. The boom towns in North Dakota could possibly go the way of Atlantic City. Either way, the economies in both areas based their success on gambling, so to speak.

A fire on Wildwood Avenue knocked out power to about 7,000 homes. Nobody home, and sniffers say they possibly got a whiff of ethnic lightning. Yeah, you know what it’s called. Anyway, we went out for awhile, rather than sit in the house with no heat. Of course our vehicle was in the garage, so we used our other one that gets very little use. When the power was restored we discovered that the TV shows we had recorded on one of our DVRs were missing. I don’t think they’re coming back.

In case you don’t find winter boring enough for you, Al Pacino is scheduled to appear at Caesar’s. Being that he’s not really an entertainer, what will he do? Well, the performance will explore his “myriad” of career highlights, as well as an on-stage interview projected onto a large screen. Oh, and here’s the really exciting part: audience members will be able to ask him questions! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it, because March 28 is my annual evening of shining all my shoes. By the way, they’re actually charging for that event. Pacino, not the shoe-shining. When you’re famous, it’s easy to think up ways to make money. I’m not famous, which is why I have to shine my own shoes.

Snow Daze

How weird was it that, back in the day (meaning while I was a youngster), on the rare occasions that schools closed due to snow, the school authorities made the decision AFTER it snowed? The answer, of course is that it wasn’t weird at all, in fact it reeked heavily of plain old common sense. During that era, the one of snow tires and chains, municipalities, counties, and states hadn’t perfected the fine art of snow removal from the roads.

Fast forward to modern times. If a TV weather person says it might snow, school closings start scrolling across the bottom of the screen. In the latest case, which they predicted would result in the snow storm of the century, the snow refused to cooperate. So the kids got a day off, but they had to settle for enough snow to make a few snowballs. Sledding, snowman building, and snow fort building had to wait for another time. The road crews performed their jobs efficiently, however, and salted the roads before it didn’t snow.

In New Jersey, the man who wants to occupy the White House, if they can make the doors wide enough, declared it illegal to drive anywhere in the state. This turned out to be a rather foolish edict, but most restrictions are just that. I guess he wanted to demonstrate that he can act just as foolishly as the current occupant of the White House. That’s still up for debate.

The TV news in Philly was ready, with its almost usual two weather reports from the meteorologist, and they made Pennsylvania residents feel safe by showing live shots of the salt storage areas, and the reporter on the scene assured everyone that enough salt was on hand to cover the entire area. This is what now passes as “news.”

They try to make TV newscasts as visual as possible, so several reporters will be stationed beside different roads before a snowstorm, even if it never arrives. Why someone would stand beside a possibly icy road, with speeding cars zipping by, is beyond my comprehension. When watching by myself, I usually fast forward through this useless drivel. My wife sometimes objects to my screen editing, so to speak. When, early in the telecast, they switch to the Big Board, occupied by the resident weather person, I zip through that, too. I need only one weather report. Channel 6 has two ladies and one. . .well, I’m not sure. “He” supposedly thinks he has a “husband,” and they adopted a kid, who will undoubtedly grow up very confused.

I remember when they fit all the news, including weather, into fifteen minutes, but those days are gone. Now they have to stretch to fill the time, which is about 35 minutes, counting the endless commercials. One big thing I find ridiculous is how much the weather person talks about everything except the weather. They show arrows and diagrams and talk much gibberish, and keep coming up with new terms, such as Arctic Clipper. Then they attempt to explain the weather to you, or at least what might be the weather in the future, such as a non-existent blizzard.

So they try to justify their predictions that result in schools and sometimes, businesses, closing, claiming that it’s better to err on the side of caution when something is uncertain. If only the head scratchers on the Supreme Court had followed that when deciding Roe v. Wade.

I love the map where they show which areas will get what amount of snow. In the latest folly, they said those of us in the very southern part of the state would get hit the worst. I got up in the morning and looked out the window to see if we were going to have to call for rescuers, but the dusting we got didn’t even cover the street! It might have, if the wind hadn’t been blowing, but then I remembered it wasn’t supposed to stop snowing until about 6:00 p.m. It snowed no more that day.

Yes, I realize that meteorologists base their predictions on weather patterns that often vary, but when it comes to creating panic in the form of people rushing to the grocery store, closing schools and businesses, and governments salting roads, they should use more discretion. That, however, doesn’t sell news.

Snow and Ice (Water)

Notice to global warming alarmists: Today, it’s 36 degrees and feels like 24. The record high for this date was 66 degrees. The record low was 14 degrees, in 1991. Oh, when was the record high temperature? How about 1950? Yes, it was 65 years ago, hardly caused by carbon dioxide emissions.

They tell us we’re getting a snowstorm tonight and tomorrow. Nothing to do but wait and see, but the predictions are usually off one way or the other.

Channel 6 has Accuweather, whatever that is, with DOUBLE SCAN radar! That means they show not one, but two radar sweeps scanning the area. Is one really better than two? Why do they need all that garbage anyway? The weather lady. . . Oops! I mean meteorologist, let it slip. She showed two different possibilities and said that was because they sent her an updated model. In other words, they get their weather information from an outside source and the other stuff is nothing more than a dog and pony show.

Let’s move to the things I don’t really understand category. One was the ice bucket challenge. Why would a sane person dump a bucket of ice water on himself? Or why do a bunch of idiots go running across the beach in their Speedos and dive in the ocean in January? I don’t see how these events tie in to charity. If you want to donate to charity do so, but forget the ice water thing, especially during the winter. Of course, the GLOWARMS would have you believe it’s 80 degrees here in January and the water temperature is 72 degrees.

Another thing I don’t understand is why someone would be punished for doing something good? Of course, I’m talking about the idiots who think it’s a swell idea to dump a large tub of icy Gatorade on the winning coach! I think if I were a coach I’d be tempted to lose every game and avoid the agony and nonsense. If this practice continues, why not dump it on the losing coach? A simple solution that no one has apparently thought of would be to put locks on the Gatorade dispensers. Duh! These guys doing the dumping are the same ones who make it to the pros and do silly dances in the end zone when they score, making them look highly intelligent.

Anyone who knows me also knows that I don’t believe in man-made global warming or climate change, and don’t think carbon dioxide causes problems. That said, I HATE WASTING TIME AND GASOLINE! So why don’t Wildwood and Wildwood Crest turn off the traffic lights during the winter? Yes, the city needs lights on Rio Grande Avenue, but that’s about it. Even if a vehicle does come out of Schellenger Avenue or Montgomery Avenue at Park Boulevard, the odds that it would have a big problem making either a right or left turn are almost nil. How about the Crest? Do we really need signals at Sweet Briar, Cardinal, and Aster at New Jersey Avenue? Really? Trains used to run down the center of New Jersey Avenue and we didn’t need all of those traffic lights, and we had no crossing signals, either.

I remember when TV and movie programming was run by adults, or at least it seemed so. We never heard so much as a “damn” back then and parents never had to worry about what their children saw or heard on TV. Movies weren’t rated, because they were all G movies, good for the whole family. However, they advertised those nasty killer cigarettes, but never mentioned condoms, feminine hygiene, or catheters, a personal favorite. Nor did they push drugs on TV, other than Geritol for iron-poor blood, or Serutan (nature’s spelled backwards), quite a coincidence! They did advertise Alka Seltzer, Tums, Bayer, and Anacin. “Mother please, I’d rather do it myself!” What they didn’t do was give you a list of things to tell your doctor or mention the fifty things to look out for.

So the Moreys in Wildwood don’t want the city to stage any more concerts near their piers. The mayor sounded rather indignant, saying they have to rely on the beach to generate revenue. That never used to be true, and it’s mind boggling trying to think about where all the money is going. Of course, that’s true not only for Wildwood, but for the entire state of New Jersey.

The latest non-controversy concerns whether or not the New England Patriots doctored their footballs during the last game. Bill Belichick, the coach, gave two lengthy explanations, saying he knew nothing about the footballs, but wasted time performing experiments. Tom Brady, the quarterback, denied tampering with the footballs, and when asked if he was an honest person, said, “I don’t believe so.” Draw your own conclusions from that, but I say, who cares, anyway? If the game had been close, maybe it would have been an issue, but the game was a blowout. What bothers me is that professional players do cheat, or at least try to cheat, and are happy when the outcome turns out in their favor. Whatever happened to moral integrity? Receivers often try to claim they caught a ball legally when they know it bounced off the ground. Winning a game shouldn’t be that important. Golfers, on the other hand, sometimes call penalties on themselves.

I remember reading a story, supposedly true, about a boy who was fishing on a lake at night with his father. He got a bite and reeled in the biggest bass he had ever caught. This happened at ten minutes before midnight, but bass season started at midnight. He said no one would have ever known, because no one else was around. His father, however, said he had to throw it back. If only we saw such integrity in professional sports other than golf.

A Few Thoughts

About a week ago or so, the NCAA reinstated 112 wins, 111 of them under Joe Paterno, at Penn State. So, is Joe Pa now suddenly the winningest coach in division I football, stealing the crown from Bobby Bowden? Yes and no. Who cares what the NCAA says, anyway? Joe, the team, and the fans always had those wins, and Joe Pa was always at the top of the list. It goes beyond the pale, wherever that happens to be, to suggest that the coach and team should give up hard-earned games just because some pervert who resigned from the team had sexually assaulted young boys. He was no longer associated with the team, although he apparently had permission to use some of the facilities.

Paterno had already been cleared of any wrongdoing, but ESPN picked up the torch and claimed that the coach had to have known about it. No one pushed this idea more than Mark May, not one of my favorite analysts. Without claiming Paterno was involved, ESPN essentially had no story, since only die-hard fans would have known who Jerry Sandusky was, so they dragged Joe through the mud. He had lung cancer and died rather quickly, possibly from a broken heart due to the betrayal.

Before the reinstatement, the NCAA announced that the Nittany Lions would be permitted to participate in bowl games starting this year, two years before scheduled. Was this because the new coach is black? So far, no head coach at PSU seems interested in matching Joe Pa’s longevity. The school is already on its second coach, not counting the interim coach after Joe was fired.

Now let’s hope that the school returns the statue of Paterno to its rightful place, instead of hiding it somewhere in a dark closet. All of this because of one pervert who hadn’t coached there for years!

So now that everything has returned almost to normal does that mean it’s hunky-dory? Not really. Sandusky will probably spend the rest of his life in prison, yet the liberals have learned nothing from the entire scandal. Oh, they thought that what the former defensive coordinator did was truly awful, yet it doesn’t stop them from pushing for homosexual scoutmasters in the Boy Scouts of America! They already talked the BSA into admitting homosexual scouts as members, and I recently read that membership is down. Many have returned their pins in protest.

A number of corporations have pulled funding for the Scouts because they say the Scout organization is discriminating against homosexuals! Let me see if I get this right. The Boy Scouts have an oath each member must take. It reads: “On my honor, I will do my best, to do my duty, to God and my country, and to obey the Scout Law, to help other people at all times, to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.”

Okay, so what part of that states that they must support perversion? One of the companies that says it is pulling funding starting this year if the Boy Scouts don’t allow homosexual scout leaders, is that nice family organization, The Walt Disney Company. Well. . . What should we expect from a company that reserves a day at Disney parks for homosexuals?

Then there’s UPS, United Way, Merck Company Foundation, Intel Foundation, Emerson, Verizon, 3M, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Pfizer, Valero, U.S. Bank, Eli Lilly, GE, Monsanto, Medtronic, PNC, Nationwide (they’re on their side), Abbott, General Mills, Alcoa, Caterpillar, Illinois Tool Works, Allstate, and Dow Chemical. Yes, there are other companies with executives who think small also.

So the new “conservative” Republicans couldn’t even get a bill passed that would have banned abortions after 20 weeks. I don’t know where they come up with these silly compromise bills anyway. Roe v. Wade, just like Obamacare, should be repealed in its entirety. It matters not when your mother had an abortion; whether a day after getting pregnant, or 20 weeks into her pregnancy, you wouldn’t be here, period, as Obama likes to say.

On to some other subject. What’s the deal with adding apostrophes to words when none is required? I see it all the time by people who leave comments to articles, and sometimes by the pundits themselves. In the last sentence, they might change pundits to “pundit’s.” IT’S JUST A PLURAL WORD! Add an S to it and call it a day, okay? And there’s the famous it’s/its dilemma. If you mean to say, “It is,” you use “it’s.” “Its” is possessive. I’ve already mentioned that.

What about, “my sister, she”? We were taught, way back in grade school, not to use that form. It’s simply, “my sister”. Sean Hannity is one of the biggest offenders of this, but what can you expect from someone who argues with a liberal who keeps telling him he or she agrees with him? Doesn’t matter, he pushes on anyway until they have to practically shout at him. He doesn’t listen well. Anyway, back to the sister thing. Hannity will almost always say, “Juan Williams, he’s here.” Just say, Juan Williams is here,” for Pete’s sake! Who the heck is Pete, anyway, and why do I care about his sake? Or is it Pete’s Japanese rice wine? Who knows?

I’ve been to Japan a few times, but never tried sake. There were too many other things to try there, and they even had beer gardens. I don’t know why they called them that, because beer wasn’t growing there. I once went to a Suntory beer garden in Tokyo. They sold beer by the pitcher, and the waitress would fill the pitcher from a tap then lop off the head with a spatula. Strange. . . It wasn’t all that much fun sitting there drinking beer with Japanese people. We didn’t speak each other’s language.

I have a lot more to write about, but don’t know what it is at this point in time. L8R.